Girl Scout or Diplomat part 1

Girl Scout or Diplomat?

During a seminar on business, our professor explained how she chose her college major and, more importantly, her path in life.  She had sat down with her stacks of report cards, her awards, her referrals. After scrutinizing every document, she realized that while there were inconsistencies in her grades, one comment always stood out: “Brenda talks too much”

And from there, she knew she had to pursue a career that allowed her to talk. Guess it worked out for her because there she was, explaining emotional intelligence to us. Anyway, she reinforced the fact that she redefined what her teachers identified as a weakness, a disadvantage, and made it an idiosyncrasy that was essential to her success. Well, that got me thinking (What doesn’t?). What are my weaknesses? My downfalls? I could have easily dialed my devil nemesis and asked but I decided to shelter my ego instead and came up with the following:

Often times pessimistic

Undeniably, these are all conditional; they’re not constantly present throughout. Instead, they tend to show up in certain daily scenarios. For example, most of them have usually applied to relationships. The problem with being a stubborn individual who is dating a very flexible, imitating yet still moderately stubborn individual is that he gets blisters on his feet for “not following me home, but simply walking in the same direction”. And then there are those unwise moments where you just have to stalk him and see that post from a long time ago that reminds you of Susan and makes you all self-conscious and uneasy about him, you know? Or perhaps you accidentally fling your ring off your finger and it lands in the grass and no matter how close you put your face to the ground, you never find it again and you call it a sign – twice. And then he starts to think you don’t like his rings because you just constantly lose them in a field of grass.

   Therefore, I’ve realized Girl Scouts are for me. Have you seen them knocking from door to door in those itchy uniforms (or is that just in the movies)? They’ve got to be persistent to bring in the money!        And in order to avoid being shipped into a new continent without a kidney, they have to be aware of their surroundings and the likely possibility that the guy who just answered doesn’t actually have candy in his kitchen. Moreover, when these gals realize that their line isn’t working, they have to come up with a new game plan, like pouting or talking about how the other teammates had gotten double the sales already. Either way, it’s a serious possibility. That or being a diplomat.

So how did you choose your career? Your path? Your passion? Because although traveling around the world and being on the news and persuading people to buy cookies sounds great, I truly do have a knack for sleeping and watching Netflix. In fact, a few days ago, NASA was offering to pay me lots of money for staying in bed for 70 days. Should I consider it? Let me know!


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