Eating healthy sounds #great in theory!

steak-626206_1280Eating healthy sounds #great in theory but most healthy foods are boring. Not all healthy food has to be insipid and monotonous, if you are deciding to cook healthier without mislaying the tasty factor; you are going to love these well recipes. In order to archive your goals you need exercise regularly and health Food


It will come as no surprise that most of recipes involve veggies, such as Brussels, spinach, sprouts, butternut squash, beets and avocado. Veggies may sound uninteresting, but balancing them with tasty spices and herbs to make delicious meals and flavorful side for any time of the day.


This salad is easy to make and is so diverse for your dietary needs.

-Add grilled chicken, shrimp, scallops or fish to get a good dose of protein, and pair with any dressing your heart desires.

-A single squirt of lemon will even do!


The preparation is simple.

-Sprinkle a bowl of fresh spinach leaves with cubed butternut squash, sliced avocado and feta cheese. Sprinkle the salad with walnuts and add salt and pepper to taste.

-Splash with your favorite salad dressing and serve!


Because this salad requires so little prep, this recipe makes a perfect weeknight meal or side salad.

-You can even chop the ingredients in advance and throw it together when you’re ready to dine.

-This healthy salad has a gourmet look and taste, even when you’re short on time.



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